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Rave Reviews

Bill did an absolutely fantastic job taking care of our three Great Danes, Maine Coon Cat and fish and turtle pond. He also took care of our yard which has plenty of needed care due to extensive landscaping and our in-ground pool. I know that he spent extra time with our pets to ensure that they felt loved and received the needed attention since we were gone for more than a month. He regularly updated us through texting with photos to let us know how things were going. He did not tell us, but I discovered that he spent extra time with our dogs on the Fourth of July as he was concerned that fireworks would upset them. He kept a daily log of what he did and followed our instructions to a T! We plan to hire him again for an upcoming trip lasting close to two months. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone who needs a caring individual for their furry and non-furry family. I have let him know that he is welcome to use us as references since he did such a great job!

Toby, TRex, Blanco, Tito
Robert & Sarah, Owners

The peace of mind I had while away from Wicket and Asha allowed me to get the business at hand completed without stress. Bill saw to their basic needs each day along with attention and play. It made me smile to get the daily text pix of them. I am so grateful to Gulf Shores Critter Care and see us taking advantage of their services often.

Asha, Wicket
Pam, Owner

Bill has provided excellent care for my dogs – Emma and Sophie. He was at all times professional and provided suggestions on care for Emma, a diabetic and Sophie’s (a miniature poodle) grooming and diet (an overweight miniature poodle). I consider Bill to be a friend and a part of my family.

Emma, Sophie
Drew, Owner

We think you did great! I also appreciate that you were able to help us on such short notice. Thanks again!

Ashe, Fryda, Helena 
Mary, Owner

If I were to pick a person upon whom I really had to rely (i.e. if my life, my job, or the life of a member of my family depended upon his or her acting honestly and responsibly), Bill Green would be my first choice.

Personal Reference 
Dr. Phil

We just wanted to THANK YOU again for your excellent care during our time away. Since recently moving here, one big worry was how we would find someone to watch and care for our pets that we could trust. You exceeded all of our expectations. I can’t think of anything that you could improve on. Leaving the daily notes was an excellent idea and helped us get a better picture of what happened while we were away. You also thought of things that we forgot at the time like the mail and watering the plants, which was greatly appreciated. Again thank you for your excellent care.

Gus, Kinnick, Martha, Lucy 
Mike & Paula, Owners

Thanks so very much!!! I will definitely use your service in the future! Again, THANK YOU!!

Gracie, Emma 
Denise, Owner

Obviously, we were very happy with the service we received. I could not ask for a more trustworthy and caring pet sitter. Your concern and response for our Great Dane, Toby, when he got sick while we were gone and also out of contact was the best. Knowing that you are reliable allowed us to travel for almost two months in places that we could not be contacted, but felt certain that our home and pets were well taken care of. We will definitely continue to use your services. Please know that if you need a reference, we are more than happy to do so.

Toby, TRex, Blanco, Tito 
Robert & Sarah, Owners

I was anxious initially about leaving my cats (and my house) in the hands of someone I only met once. However, your twice daily emails and photos of the cats quickly reassured me that all was well at home and I could stop worrying about the cats (who are like my children) and enjoy my Thanksgiving visit. You not only did everything I asked you to do, but even put out the garbage can which I forgot to tell you. Having my cats on 3 different veterinary diets and their having to eat in different rooms must have been difficult but you managed from day one! I cannot say enough about your professionalism. There is nothing I can think of that you could have done better and there is nothing I can think of you could add to your service. Thank you for helping me have a care free vacation. As you know, I have already booked my next trip away and am glad you can care for my guys.

Cleo, Mikey, Pogo, Suzie 
Judy, Owner

First off, we would like to say thank you for being able to squeeze us in on short notice. The animals really seemed to have taken a liking to you. Which is unusual, because normally, they are very timid around new people. Bella and Matilda are both handfuls and you handled them beautifully. The cats, they are usually very standoffish, but we know most of them came out to see you. The house looked better than when we left. We look forward to using your services again. We felt so much better leaving them in your capable hands while we were gone. We know that the animals felt better being in their home. Plus with the medications for Matilda, it was a relief to know that she was being cared for by such a professional. Thank you so very much!!

Tilly, Bella, Tiger, Smokey, Shadow, Elvis, Patches, Panther 
Lisa, Paul & Taylor, Owners

I am so happy I found you online and you did a fantastic job! I know the pups aren’t easy on a leash and with all the yard work it was a little challenging. A couple more weeks and the backyard will be back to normal and will be much easier for play time. The little report “cards” daily are fantastic and loved reading them. I will absolutely be using your services and I am already singing your praises to friends in the area. Thanks again and I am sure I will be talking to you soon. The pups were happy when we got home! Thanks again!”

Roofus, Roxy 
Christa, Owner

I have absolutely no complaints! I appreciated the fact that you contacted me after every visit and I didn’t have to text and ask you if you had seen them. You charge a little more than the last person, but you provide better service. I’m so glad we found you and the pups are too!

Carl, Dexter, Lexi 
Angela, Owner

Bill, you do a great job and always have since the beginning. Thank you again for taking such good care of the kitties. They were very relaxed when I got home.”

Cleo, Mikey, Pogo, Suzie 
Judy, Owner

There’s not a thing that we would change, short of taking the animals with us. Finding you and your service has allowed us to go on trips that we have to take for work, without adding the stress of leaving our babies behind out of their environment. On Saturday, when we meet with you for our final day, it was so exciting to us to see how happy the animals were to see you. Not just Matilda and Bella, but for the cats to come see you was really amazing because they are usually very unsociable. With much heartfelt thanks and appreciation, we truly appreciate the time and love that you gave to our babies. We will be booking you for all our future trips !!!! So, please keep a spot open for Matilda !!

Tilly, Bella, Tiger, Smokey, Shadow, Elvis, Patches, Panther 
Lisa & Paul, Owners

Thanks, great job, will call you again.

Nathan, Malatzky 
Gavin, Owner

You once again did a fantastic job taking care of our 4 boys. It was so comforting to be able to text you for an extension when we had unexpected delays on our trip. Taking care of our yard is a big deal for us. Being able to ask you for help with our yard was wonderful. We are planning another trip and plan to ask for your help again. We have used many pet/house sitters over the years. You are by far the best we have ever had. Thank you again.

Toby, TRex, Blanco, Tito 
Bob & Sarah, Owners

We were very happy with your services. We have left Mamacita many times because she doesn’t travel well and she was obviously well cared for and happier than we’ve ever seen her when we returned. We liked the records you left for us and we especially liked the texts and pics you sent. It really put us at ease. We will be asking you to care for Mamacita again. I can’t think of anything you could do better.

Martha, Owner

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our dogs while we were gone!

Lexi, June 
Traci, Owner

What can we say? Your service is without compare as far as we are concerned! Your general service is honest and thoughtful with constant updates on the pets and their condition and neat little texts including pictures on a daily basis – we look forward to our ‘Bill beeps’ on the iPhone now!

Where your service really shines for us is your ability to handle unique situations with no drama such as getting more supplies or changing the schedule – with your service we just don’t seem to have to worry about it. We will continue to use your services in the future. Thanks for all you do.

Booger, Hooter 
Emily & Mak, Owners

You are so wonderful! We really appreciate you!

Roofus, Roxy 
Christa, Owner

We were very happy with how you took care of June. We were very impressed with how professional everything was. We have been telling friends with dogs how great of a job you did so hopefully they will call if they need you!

Craig, Owner

As much as I hate to leave my cats alone for a few days, I instantly felt better meeting you in the initial visit. The daily communication and photos helped me relax and know the cats were in good hands. Thank you so much!

Beignet, Sami 
Lisa, Owner

You did a great job and the cats really liked you, so much so they put you in their inner circle.

Flipper, Pinball 
Pat & Rebecca, Owners

Well, all I can say is, you have a lifelong client!! Thank you so very much. Loved the daily reports & messages!!

Maggie, Jessie 
Cindy, Owner

Your service has been invaluable to me! I come home to a happy puppy! I love the pictures I get of her! Makes my day go by and gives me a piece of mind know she is being cared for! Thank you so much!!!

Carly, Owner

Thanks again for taking care of Sophie! She looked very well taken care of when I got back. The daily text messages with a picture of her and quick update were great (so was the daily log). Thanks also for being so flexible with regard to key pickup!

Anne, Owner

Thank you for all the extra care you gave Tabitha Sue. I know it was a long time to sit with all my babies but everyone is doing wonderfully!

Maddie, Maggie, Sadie, Tabitha 
Judy, Owner

Thanks for everything. Means the world to have someone we can trust to take care of our dogs while we are away.

Gus, Lucy, Martha, Kinnick 
Paula & Mike, Owners