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Abandoned Cat

Would You Ever Abandon Your Pet?

It was September, 2016.  One of my wonderful clients, Sarah, called and told me about a cat that had been abandoned near her house.  Sarah knew I had a soft spot in my heart for cats, especially ones that had been abandoned, abused or lost. I hopped in my car and went over to check it out. 

Sarah and her neighbor lady, both incredible animal lovers, had put out a crate for Kitty with some food and water.  Kitty seemed very grateful.  This was a sweet cat, very social.  She came right to me and gave me a rub.  ‚ÄčThis was obviously not a feral cat or one that had been roaming the streets for a long time.  She was healthy looking and very friendly.  I sat down and talked to Kitty for awhile and this is what she told me...

Here's Kitty's Story‚Äč

Hi ya'll, my name is Kitty. That's probably not my given name, but no one here knows who I am. Here's why.

I once had a nice home with good people taking care of me. One day, my peeps put me in the car. I just thought we were going to the vet - which I dread, but something we did occasionally. Next thing I know, we're driving down a road I've never seen, lots of trees. My peeps open the car door and put me out! I'm thinking, "Are you kidding me, what's going on here?" Then, they drive off. My peeps drove off leaving me on the side of the road - no one even looked back at me. Do my peeps not love me? Did I do something wrong? If I did something wrong, I'm very sorry. I can do better. Please don't leave me here.

Hours passed. No one came for me. I was really scared, alone and hungry. I watched a lady walking a big dog down the street. Maybe there are some people nearby that could help me. I began walking around a neighborhood that was close by. I saw a lady in her yard. She looked nice. Maybe she would call my peeps for me and give me something to eat. I took a chance and walked in her direction. She called to me, "hey Kitty Kitty." That was music to my ears, so I went to her.

Lost Kitty

Well, it turns out she is a very nice lady who has a special place in her heart for animals. She gave me some food and water. She put a little house in her backyard for me. She checked around the neighborhood to see if anyone knew me. Of course, no one knows me here - I'm from somewhere else but I don't know how to get back there. The nice lady called around to the local animal shelters to see if someone could give me a home. The shelters are all full and have no room for an abandoned little kitty.

Lost Kitty

So, here I am. Now, there are two nice ladies feeding me and looking out for me. I am very grateful. But, they have their own animals and cannot keep me here. I need a new home. If you could find a place in your home for me or if you know someone who would like a good kitty, please come get me. I am sweet and like being around people. I promise to be a good kitty and will love you for the rest of my days. Please help me.

Lost Kitty

This Story Has A Happy Ending

Not every story has a happy ending, but this one does.  I posted Kitty's story on the Gulf Shores Critter Care Facebook page and gave it a boost.  Over 8000 people saw the post and several inquired about adopting Kitty.  I even got one response from a pilot who was part of a team that transports rescued animals to their new homes.  He volunteered to fly Kitty up to 500 miles if someone from outside our area wanted to adopt her.  Amazing. 

With the power of social media behind us, it didn't take long to find Kitty a new home.  After a couple of days, we had a firm commitment to adopt Kitty from a wonderful lady in Magnolia Springs, AL.  She came by Sarah's house one afternoon and took Kitty home to her new refuge. Kitty's new home included two cool dogs who promised to keep Kitty safe for the rest of her life. Any story about animals with a happy ending, I like.  Thank you to all in our community who took part in finding this little abandoned cat a forever home.  

Kitty is safe now with her Secret Canine Service protection team.

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