Emergency Policy - Gulf Shores Critter Care

Emergency Policy




The health and safety of your pets is always our number one priority. 

Gulf Shores Critter Care (GSCC) does not recommend leaving your pets behind in the event of an emergency. Prior planning and preparation is essential to ensure their safety.

In the event of any emergency, our ability to provide service may be limited or nonexistent. Emergencies may include a hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake, fire, or any other natural disaster or man-caused event that affects our community.

If GSCC is unable to reach your home to care for your pets due to an emergency or if lower Baldwin County, Alabama receives an evacuation notice, GSCC cannot be responsible for the care of your pets or for their evacuation. Evacuation notices often precede an emergency situation by 72 hours or more. Once an evacuation notice for our community is issued, GSCC cannot be responsible for your pet’s care. Customers must have their own emergency and evacuation plan in place prior to the event. GSCC cannot be responsible for arranging transportation, housing, or care for your pets during an emergency or an evacuation notice.

If conditions permit, GSCC may be able to assist in the transportation, housing, and care of your pets, but this must be arranged prior to the emergency. Additional charges may apply.

In preparing for an emergency, you should have the following items ready to go:

  • Collars with identification tags and leashes
  • Pet carriers
  • Medications
  • Food and water supply with bowls
  • Water-proof containers
  • Poop bags, cat box, litter, and supplies
  • Toys, blankets, and towels
  • Instructions for the care of your pets
  • Plan that includes pre-arranged transportation and housing

GSCC recommends filling out the attached PET IDENTIFICATION FORM and including a photograph for each of your pets.