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Gayle McMillan

Gayle McMillan

Owner & Pet Sitter

Our pets are part of our families and we want the very best for them.   That's what led me to start this business dedicated to being a pet care service for PET LOVERS!

What do you do when you have to go out of town on vacation, for a business trip, or a family emergency?  Do you worry about your pets and who's going to take care of them while you're away?  Do you ask your neighbor (again), a family member, or the kid down the street to watch them?  Do you ever feel guilty that maybe you're imposing on these people or maybe the kid down the street is not so reliable?

You could leave your pets at the local kennel, but is that really the best thing to do? Most pets prefer being in their own home away from the stress, noise, cramped cages, and infectious illnesses found in many kennels. They're happier sleeping in their own bed, eating their own food from their own bowl and playing in their own backyard. 

There is a better solution.  Let a professional pet sitter care for your pets in your home while you're away.  Your pets and home will be in good hands.  Your pets will get the TLC they deserve.  You will get PEACE OF MIND knowing your pets and home are safe and secure. You can count on us to be there for your pets -- every time, no excuses.  And, your instructions will be followed  to a "T."  Your pets health and safety is always our #1 priority. 

Whether it's a daily walk for your dog or caring for your beloved pets while you're away, we are here to help you, the pet lover. 

Frankly, you're placing a lot of trust in someone to come into your home and care for your fur babies when you are not there.  I greatly respect the trust you put in me as your pet sitter, and I take the responsibility very seriously.  And, these are my promises to you:

Our 3 Promises to You

1.  Your pets will be treated as if they were our own and will be given the TLC they deserve. 

2.  You can trust us to always do the right thing when it comes to your pets and home.

3.  You can count on us to be there. We have never missed an appointment.

I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve you.  Feel free to call me anytime with any questions or concerns, (251) 610-5965.

Fantastic Job!

Bill did an absolutely fantastic job taking care of our three Great Danes, Maine Coon Cat and fish and turtle pond. He also took care of our yard which has plenty of needed care due to extensive landscaping and our in-ground pool. I know that he spent extra time with our pets to ensure that they felt loved and received the needed attention since we were gone for more than a month. He regularly updated us through texting with photos to let us know how things were going. He did not tell us, but I discovered that he spent extra time with our dogs on the Fourth of July as he was concerned that fireworks would upset them. He kept a daily log of what he did and followed our instructions to a T! We plan to hire him again for an upcoming trip lasting close to two months. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone who needs a caring individual for their furry and non-furry family. I have let him know that he is welcome to use us as references since he did such a great job!

Toby, TRex, Blanco, Tito

Appreciate Everything

We appreciate everything you did for our pups these past several weeks. Will definitely see you in the future. --John & Sharon

Sophie Too & Sugar Blue

Your pets will love you for choosing us...