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Services & Rates

PET SITTING | $20 per visit

Bill Green Pet Sitter

Bill Green, Certified Professional Pet Sitter

  • Are you heading out of town?   Let your pets stay at home where they will be safe, happy and get to keep their routine. 
  • We will take great care of them with daily visits which include feeding, playtime, walking, poop scooping, medications and TLC.  Whatever it takes to give your pets the love and care they deserve.
  • Pet sitting visits can be arranged to meet your pet's routine, one to four times a day.  Each visit lasts about 30 minutes.
  • You will receive daily activity reports by text or email.
  • While we're at your home, we can do small chores like watering the plants, bringing in the mail and taking out the garbage.
  • Yes, this service is for all pets - dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish and small caged animals. 

DOG WALKING | $20 per walk

Bill Green RN
  • Are you stuck at work or need a break to go to the beach?  If your dog needs a mid-day break while you're away, let us help.
  • We can walk your pooch, provide a potty break and give him some play time.
  • Don't let your dog be a couch potato.  An exercised dog is a happy and healthy dog.
  • You can count on us to give your dog the TLC he deserves.
  • Each walk lasts about 30 minutes.


Overnight pet sitting
  • Do you need a pet sitter to stay overnight in your home while you're away?   Let us give you the PEACE OF MIND you deserve.
  • We can stay overnight in your home and give your special pets the TLC they need while you're away.
  • Our Overnight Pet Sitting price includes the overnight stay and a mid-day visit.


multi hour pet sitting
  • Do you have a dog who gets separation anxiety when you leave the house or has special needs?   Let us help.
  • We can stay with your pets the entire time that you're gone. This helps alleviate the constant barking, scratching, chewing and pacing that pets with separation anxiety often display.
  • We will give your special pet the TLC they need so you can relax and take care of business or take that much needed break.


  • Too busy to get your pets to the Vet or the groomer?  Let us help.
  • Maybe your pooch needs an outing to the dog park.  Count on us!
  • We can pick up your pets and transport them safely to their appointment.
  • Maybe you need a special service that's not listed here. Give us a call and we'll help any way we can.


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    Visits are subject to availability.
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    Sorry, we do not operate a kennel and cannot board pets. 
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    Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled visit are subject to a $20 charge. 
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    Ask about our MEMBER OF THE PACK club.  Discounts are available for frequent customers. 
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    There are no additional charges for multiple pets. 
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    Additional charges will apply on HOLIDAYS (see below). Add $5 per visit. 
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    Please read our EMERGENCY POLICY which applies to hurricanes and other similar events. 


  • calendar-check-o
    January 1, New Year's Day
  • calendar-check-o
    February 19, President's Day
  • calendar-check-o
    April 1, Easter Sunday
  • calendar-check-o
    May 28, Memorial Day
  • calendar-check-o
    July 3, Pre-Independence Day
  • calendar-check-o
    July 4, Independence Day
  • calendar-check-o
    September 3, Labor Day
  • calendar-check-o
    November 22, Thanksgiving Day
  • calendar-check-o
    November 23, Post-Thanksgiving Day
  • calendar-check-o
    December 24, Christmas Eve
  • calendar-check-o
    December 25, Christmas Day
  • calendar-check-o
    December 31, New Year's Eve